Sunday, January 23, 2011

The wind of change

The wind of change
Is rapidly coming my way
While old things become estrange
And the door is opening for a new day...

No longer hiding behind my own shadow
Or crying like a baby to the stars or the moon,
Filling up my heart, once bitter and hollow
With love and peace in this quiet afternoon...

Buried forever is my past
And the time is right for a new life...
The bare hands of destiny I grasped,
Feeling again alive and as sharp as a knife...

Now, I take nothing for granted
When I am guided by the Mighty One above,
Fully aware that I will find the one enchanted
That forever will give me her true love... 


  1. That is some pretty good stuff - wish I had the same skill with poetry!

  2. Really good stuff. How long does it take you to write something like this?

  3. Nice! Is all the poetry you post original?

    Keep it up.

  4. Can you use 'estrange' just like that? I always thought it could only be used like 'estranged'. You're the poet, here, though.